*About TKP

I love black olives, the internet and cute shoes all in that order and don’t your forget it!

I hate guys who abuse women, beets and Omarosa from The Apprentice not necessarily in that order and don’t you forget that either!

I currently am a writer who specializes in comedy, sex, song and everything including the kitchen sink writing and remembering that is purely optional.

Anyhoo, to view some of my songs/lyrics please click on or go to the website below.  http://songbay.co/artists/4490

I also am a text artist/photographer so if you would be interested in purchasing some of my designs on fabric please click on or go to the website below.


Happy reading and creating!

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    Naza said,

    Too funny!! Everyone makes fun of how organized I am (my CDs are albiepethzad, my books are shelved by author and genre, my closet looks like a rainbo) .BUT, I can NOT keep my dishes kept up. It’s just me, so how many dishes do you think I could dirty? OH, and did I mention I have a dishwasher??? But, it’s always full of clean dishes, so what I use pile up in the sink, until I’m eating dinner with cocktail forks off of paper plates Good luck with your Tina, I look forward to reading about your progress.

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