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This is a song that I wrote about the here to stay, selfie craze.

First “Drop The Mic” Verse:

1. Ain’t gonna’ lie seriously,
2. Don’t like peeps hatin’ on me,
3. Just cuz I post pics continuously,
4. Chin up, cuz i’m a tough empire-style cookie,
5. And I do whatever the hell that makes me happy,
6. And that’s taking and posting many a selfie,
7. So what if I wanna’ show off my smokin’ hot body,
8. That bitch, Kim Kardashian ain’t got a damn thing on me,
9. Restaurants, trips, my new car, I paid a hefty fee (and got some of it, I will admit, scott free),
10. And now all of my followers on social media get to see my pics and envy the hell outta’ me,
11. It’s such a rush, the likes, the retweets, breaking the internet I one day clearly see,
12. Call me insecure or vain cuz I love this sort of attention, go ahead and spill the damn tea,
13. Say the selfie is nothing but a foolish tool of vanity,
14. Maybe it is to some but there is no way in hell that’s gonna’ stop fearless me,
15. From taking and posting many a selfie,
16. Millennium, yippee!

Last “Drop The Mic” Verse:

1. So to all of you haters out there,
2. Judgmental-ass noses all up in the air,
3. Takes alot of courage to lay your shit totally butt-ass bare,
4. So if you don’t like my pics I don’t really care,
5. Noone’s asking you to look, like or share,
6. So find yourself another website to fix your disapproving stare,
7. Cuz there are alot of other people who like my pics, just to be fair,
8. So there!
9. Take a moment to mentally prepare,
10. You might also want to sit your ass down in the nearest chair,
11. Before I tell you to kiss my well endowed derriere,
12. You choose cuz both of my butt cheeks are a fabulous pair,
13. Baby, no sweat, i’m gonna’ brush this shit off and not make it too big of an affair,
14. I don’t give in to peer pressure cuz i’m strong and don’t easily scare,
15. Like I said before, I gotta’ do what makes me personally happy,
16. And baby, that’s taking and posting many a selfie!


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(Definition) An appeasepaonomy is a painful procedure in which children undergo a temporary “Stepford Wives” transformation for their dad’s birthday, Father’s Day, anniversary or some other important event in their father’s life where they will wear whatever crappy outfit that their dad wants them to wear, sing whatever silly song that their dad wants them to sing, be nice to people that they can’t stand, go to places that they wouldn’t be caught dead at et cetera et cetera et cetera only because they love their dad so dearly and they will put up with this torture temporarily just to make him happy on his special day.

I will now use this word in a sentence to clarify it’s meaning.

“For his dad’s 65th birthday, Shamus had to undergo a serious appeasepaonomy along with a little help from three shots of 180 proof Jack Daniels Whiskey in order to perform the song, “I’m A Little Teapot Short And Stout” in front of 5,000 guests that his father has loved him performing ever since he did it in his first grade school play.”

P.S. Dad, I want you to know that performing the song, “I’m A Little Teapot Short And Stout” in front of 5,000 people that I barely knew was the single most embarrassing moment of my life but i’m really glad that you loved my performance! Happy birthday day from your loving son, Shamus who will one day make you pay for this!”

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